June 19 & 20


Sept. 26 & 27


A digital adventure-fest
& skillshare

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The Playbill


The Great Solstice Camp-In kick-off!

Jason Goodman, co-founder of Swift Industries, takes the mic as we queue up for a weekend of mesmerizing adventure tales and two days of skills building. Welcome to The Great Solstice Camp-In!


Bike Nerds Unite! A Technically Challenging Panel

What makes the perfect adventure bike setup? What could the future of adventure cycling hold? Overwhelmed and confused by industry jargon? We hear you! We’ve assembled a diverse panel of highly qualified, mildly opinionated, industry veterans to tackle the issues and break through the BS. Join moderator Dan Stroud (@hobocross, Bike Insights) as he engages our esteemed panel in a lively and informative debate on the nerdier, techier side of cycling! 

Meet the panel

Sal Torres, Rivendel Bicycles

Russ Roca, Path Less Pedaled Podcast

John Watson, The Radavist

Ronnie Romance, (@ultraromance, https://ronsbikes.com/

Cass Gilbert, Bikepacking.com


New Route: The Eastern Divide Trail

We’re excited to unveil the 4,700-mile Eastern Divide Trail, the soon-to-be longest bikepacking route in the world running from Newfoundland to Key West, Florida. Back in 2015, the Eastern Divide Trail (EDT) was conceived as an idea to link the two great eastern continental divides and create a bikepacking-specific route akin to one of the great long-distance hiking trails, the Appalachian Trail. Similar to the AT, the EDT would connect the grand vistas of the eastern mountains and their seemingly infinite ecosystems, to the historical landmarks and cultural waypoints that make up the mountain-East. Route founder Brett Davidson will lead a presentation to give you a sneak peek of this route, as well as the status and plans for the launch.

Meet the presenters:

Brett Davidson

Logan Watts, Bikepacking.com


On Bikepacking and Fear

Presented by Joe Cruz


DIY Zipper Repair

With Lane Wilson of Oveja Negra


History of WTF's in Bikepacking

An incredible presentation with Tessa Hulls


Colorado's Wild Side: Circumnavigating Pike's Peak

With Hailey M Moore and Anton Krupicka


A POC Bike Explorers' Panel Convo

Hosted by Joe Cruz


The Essentials of Route-Design

with Sarah Swallow


Stoked Spoke Adventure Series

Hosted by Jason Goodman, co-founder of Swift Industries


Bikepacking México

hosted by Daniel Diaz


The Bikepacking Route Awards

hosted by Neil Beltchenko, bikepacking.com


Ruta Chingaza

With Lael Wilcox, Rue Kaladyte, Joe Cruz, Logan and Virginia

Radness Made Possible

We’ve teamed up with amazing partners those whose core values support independent makers, the verve of small companies, and the spirit that lures us into wilderness. We hope you enjoy the spirit they bring to swift campout! There are special treats, call-outs, and prizes for registered swift campers.



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