What is it?

Swift Campout is a global call to go bike-camping on September 26th and 27th, 2020. For the sixth year in a row thousands of adventurous spirits will load camping gear on their bikes for a weekend adventure.


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Welcome to the Swift Campout Map Room

Zoom in and click to discover overnight routes near and far. Green routes are community rides hosted by Swift Industries dealers, orange routes are public rides that you're welcome to join (or create your own!), and black routes are anytime routes for you to keep in your back pocket for your next adventure.

You can contribute to the Map Room by adding a Ride with GPS link into your Camper profile at any time! Indicating that your ride is public will change the color from black to orange. Please note that the Map Room database is updated twice weekly, so it may take a few days for your route to show up.

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Radness Made Possible

We’ve teamed up with amazing partners those whose core values support independent makers, the verve of small companies, and the spirit that lures us into wilderness. We hope you enjoy the spirit they bring to swift campout! There are special treats, call-outs, and prizes for registered swift campers.

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